What is it all about?
Sing the selected song to the microphone on your computer. Application Temptonik (operating in your web browser) will keep you informed whether you do it well. During the singing you will hear piano accompaniment (with the melody or without). You can share your recording (gig) with your friends (or strangers), and moreover, you take part in a perpetual rivalry amongst Temptonik users. If you like our accompaniments, and you want to play them yourself, you can buy sheet music here. We also offer backing tracks in high quality, for use in various ways.
How does it work?
This is a semester lecture topic.
In short: Temptonik captures the sounds from your microphone and detects their fundamental frequencies. As a first approximation it performs FFT of a short time window and detects certain patterns in the spectrum. Then it refines the result using more sophisticated methods, like wavelet transform. We can reveal that the largest part of the calculation aims at reducing noise, correcting characteristics of audio devices, verification of results and similar boring chores. At the end your frequency is compared with a reference frequency. To level the playing field (and hinder the fraud), the evaluation of each recording is re-executed on our servers.
Why there are notes here? On the *** website I saw such stripes…
Out of respect for the user we decided on musical notation instead of the "piano roll" representation. Score is the universal language of music, and learning it (as opposed to looking at the "stripes") will give you some knowledge that will surely come in handy when you will want to learn to play a musical instrument or sing in a choir.
Why piano accompaniments?
This is the result of a conscious choice. Piano accompaniment has enough variety of sounds, and does not distract the singer as karaoke backgrounds do. Besides, singing lessons usually take place with an accompanist, not the whole ensemble.
I can’t read notes. Can I use Temptonik?
Of course! Try to sing a few songs - you'll find that musical notation is fairly intuitive. Finally, if you are well familiar with the song, you can do without the notes.
Does Temptonik checks lyrics which I sing?
No. You can sing “la-la-la-la”.
Lyrics are provided only for your comfort - thanks to them you can easier "get back on your track" when something briefly turns your attention. But remember that your recordings are evaluated not only by the machine, but also by other users of this site.
I can only sing one octave higher/lower. Will this affect my score?
No. Color of the circle (the one that jumps on the notes) does NOT depend on which octave you are singing in. This means that the circle distant from the right note by whole octaves will be green (which means good!)
It is better to sing with a "feeling" or exactly as it is recorded in the notes?
With a "feeling”. Follow the example of the original versions of the selected song or the melody in "amateur version".
Can I sing in a duet?
No. Of course, we do not disallow it, but the result that you’ll get will not be better. Our algorithms are currently not able to separate voices of two persons.
Will additional effects (eg. vibrato, improvisations) improve my score?
Not at the moment. But remember that your recordings are evaluated not only by the machine but also by the other users of the site.
What is the purpose of "+ 8va" and "-8va" buttons visible while singing?
They change the position of the red-green circle indicating the pitch you are hitting - the first one increases, the other decreases it by one octave. Use of these buttons has no effect on the assessment, and only helps to adjust the notes to one’s own vocal range.
What does the “key” mean?
To put it simply: it determines the pitch of the entire piece.
The same a song can be sang starting with different sounds. So, you should select the key that fits best to your vocal range.
What is an "amateur version"?
It is a background with melody. Background without melody is called "professional version"
I played to the microphone ORIGINAL performance of the piece and got just a few points. Fraud !!!11
Very clever. Are you sure that the pace and key of the original were the same as in Temptonik? Are you sure that the synchronization was correct? It does not matter anyway, even if the answer to both questions is affirmative. Why?
Background music from the performance, which you replayed, is probably on the same volume level as the vocal. Thus Temptonik will treat most of the recording as noise.
How to properly adjust the microphone and speakers?
It is very important to minimize ambient noise, which may degrade your results. It is best to use headphones and an external microphone so that the accompaniments would not "mix" with your singing. The worst possible solution is singing to the laptop, because the sound from its speaker spreads through the case into the microphone.
Remember, too, that the circle indicating the pitch becomes colored when the volume of your singing is sufficient. This way you can easily determine whether you are not singing too quietly.
The computer gets jammed.
In every millisecond Temptonik performs a lot of floating-point operations, and therefore requires considerable computing power. If you have some heavy programs running in the background (eg. playing movies or Bitcoin mining), consider turning them off. If this does not help, try using some more powerful hardware.
I do not hear the accompaniment (sound does not work)
Are the speakers connected properly? Were they not muffled in the system settings? Best ask for help from someone who "knows computers" - solution to the problem is probably not that complicated. If this does not help, let us know.
Temptonik does not hear me (microphone is not working).
Have you allowed for the use of microphone by Adobe Flash? (little window that pops up before the song is loaded). In the Chrome browser you must also agree for the use of microphone by the website (at the beginning of singing a horizontal, gray bar should pop up at the top of the screen). Is the microphone properly connected? Wasn’t the microphone switched off or set to silent in the system settings? Best ask for help someone who "knows computers" - solution to the problem is not probably all that complicated. If that does not work, try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), or let us know.
I lost my password.
No problem, as long as you provided valid e-mail address when registering. In the login panel, click the "Forgot Password?" and enter your e-mail address.
But if you cannot access your e-mail (e.g. you used a throw-away mailbox), we will not be able to help you.
Are my recordings publicly available?
By default, yes. If you are too embarrassed by your performance, you can hide it (set as invisible) anytime you want.
What are the “likes"? Are they the same as "likes" in Facebook?
It's not the same, although the idea is similar. You can express your approval of someone else's performance by "liking" it. The most “liked” performances are featured on the main page.
How ranking is made?
Ranking takes into account only your singing results. Only your best performance of every song is taken into consideration, so you will not improve your score by singing the same song poorly, even if many times. The number of comments is of no significance, neither the number of observing users (followers), nor the number of "likes".
The users on the home page, how they came to be there? („Meet also”)?
We choose them on the basis of a subjective evaluation.
If you are a professional singer and would like to promote yourself through the home page - let us know.
Is it free to use Temptonik?
Yes and no. Some of the songs you can sing for free; we only require you to register. Unlocking certain titles requires, however, a small fee which you can pay through SMS, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Sheet music and accompaniments for downloads are NOT free of charge.
What are the "Temptonik units"?
It is a type of currency used on the site. By topping up your account you get a certain number of Temptonik units. For all expenses on the site (notes, backgrounds, releasing payable songs) you pay later with these units.
Do not confuse this quantity with the number of points you get for singing.
What is the purpose of the function: "make a donation"?
This function enables you to become a patron of the arts and supporter of young talents. By making a donation you pass to another user a certain number of Temptonik units from your account. This allows him/her to access the payable content and/or induces his sympathy.
Why I can’t rewind/pause the song while singing?
For the same reason for which the singer on stage cannot rewind or pause the audience!
I am embarrassed. Will the Temptonik administration listen to my recordings?
No, unless our algorithms detect a scam. Then we may wish to hear the suspicious recording.
Why is it worth fighting for a high place in the ranking?
It makes your talent noticeable - music producers or persons completing their bands do visit this site. Besides, a high place in the Temptonik ranking may add a sparkle to your CV.
I get bored with music pauses and piano solos. Can anything be done about it?
No. Every singer has to deal with it during their live performances.
I would like to sing the **** song, which does not feature in Temptonik. What to do?
Write to us. We are constantly expanding our repertoire.
I want to buy sheet music, but I hesitate. What does it look like?
Notes available on our website correspond exactly to the accompaniments. All scores were hand-written and include vocal part, piano part and harmonic functions (chords). SEE AN EXAMPLE
I want to buy background music, but I hesitate. What benefits will I draw out of it?
Backgrounds on offer are the same as the backgrounds for singing, but have a higher quality (128 kbps). You can use them to practice "offline" or to take part in castings to "talent show" TV programs. You can also use our background for live performances or you can set it as a ringtone in your cell phone.
I found a mistake in the notes, in the accompaniment or lyrics. What to do?
Let us know. We constantly improve the quality of materials on our website.

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